A Day with The Goddesses

One of the three concepts my team, and I made for the photo shoot held last Sunday, October 18, 2014 was this Four Elements of the Earth, featuring our models, Aira, Aya, Regine, and Chezka, presenting each elements which we thought have matched their look and personality.

I didn’t get the chance to take photos of the other 2 concepts we had, because I did our models’ hair and makeup, and it was tough for me doing all the tasks, including this. Nonetheless, I still got the chance on this part. So, the photos you guys are about to see are mine, and I proudly present you (too) my work not only as a photography student, but a self-taught makeup artist, as well.

The goddess of Fire

This is Aira, presenting the fire element with her fierce look, red dress, and intensified eye makeup. What made her look more fierce was her confidence. We never experienced any moment when we got it really hard to instruct her what to pose, how to portray her element, and all. She is just awesome. Too bad major editing isn’t allowed. I would have made my friend add a fireball on her hand to make it look like she’s really holding a fire — smokin’ goddess of fire!

goddess of fire 2

See? Her element suits her “aura” so perfectly

Best Shot_goddesses

I proudly present y’all the goddesses. (Left: Chezka presenting the water element, Upper Middle: Aira presenting the fire element, Right: Regin presenting the wind element, and Lower Middle: Iraya presenting the Earth element.) I only did light touch-ups on this photo, because I didn’t want to make it look dull and flat (or did I?). The team, and I were very proud of each of them, because they all made our job easier. We didn’t even have a hard time explaining them what to do. It looked as if they knew what they were doing all along, which is awesome!

Thoughts to ponder…

This is a big opportunity to each …and everyone of us to experience professional photography using advanced equipment with the help of our moderator (and his friends who owns the stuff), so it’s really a waste not to take things seriously and professionally. I just quite regretted the day we didn’t prepare so much for this at first; thanks to sir Jun who gave us the second chance to turn things around

…and here it was…

just. awesome

and oh. I’d like to thank my team for not abandoning the ship during the verge of breaking down and fiasco. I will never forget this epic experience I have had with you. 🙂

details about the 3 photos

photographed by: Jonnah Dela Cruz (me)

hair and makeup by: Jonnah Dela Cruz (me)

wardrobe by: Vina Escote

Laughs and hugs by: everyone in the team. I love you dearly from the bottom of my heart.