The Only Thing That Isn’t Considered as Cheating: Love for Food, and Love for Photography (FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY)

Among all kinds of photography, food photography is my favorite. Aside of testing, and writing reviews about cosmetics, cooking, plating, and taking photos of food are also the ones I love doing when I’m not busy working on my school requirements. I love photography as much as I love cooking and eating. My favorite food subjects are mostly cakes, pastries, and pastas because they’re colorful and a lot easier take photos of.

I proudly present some of my best shots, and I hope you guys will find it appetizing. Thanks to my cousin, Joy for helping me do the plating, and the lighting of my subjects. I hope there are more foods in the fridge, so there’ll be more samples.

Milk Cookies Garnished With Powdered Sugar.
Milk Cookies Garnished With Powdered Sugar.

On this photo, the only light I used is the natural light coming from the door (left side), and a soft touch of light from my “virtual flashlight” application on my smartphone. It looked as if I bought it fresh from the bakery. 

Same Cookie, Closer Image.
Same Cookie, Closer Image.

Here’s the closer one, so you guys will appreciate the milky garnish and the crispiness of the cookie.

Salted Caramel Bar with Nougat filling, and Nuts.
Salted Caramel Bar with Nougat filling, and Nuts.

Sorry, I kind of raped the contrast on this photo. At first, I thought these cracks would look awful on the photo until I took one shot, and I saw gorgeous glaze of caramel filling had burst out from the cracks. Too bad I forgot to set my metering.

"Gourmet Brunch"
“Gourmet Brunch”

So here’s for the people like my cousin and I who loves meatloaf, fried rice, and sunny-sided-up egg for brunch. I put the light on the top of the subject, so it would create sublime and sophisticated aura of the food (although it doesn’t really look “gourmet”, you know). Sorry, I kind of suck at garnishing with sauces, particularly ketchup. 

Sweettooth Dreams
Sweettooth Dreams

Lastly, the mouth-watering cross-section of chocolate-coated nougat bars with caramel filling and nuts. Why do I always forget setting my metering mode to matrix? Bummer.

Thoughts to ponder on…

1. ALWAYS…ALWAYS set the ISO between 800 to 3200, the metering mode to matrix, and vary the white balance to the tone of the background/surroundings before you start taking photos.

2. Cook good, and plate good. A good plating will add color, vibrance, and beauty to the food (and to the photo, as well).

3. Choose your lighting apparatus properly.

4. Be patient, and choose the best angle.



17 thoughts on “The Only Thing That Isn’t Considered as Cheating: Love for Food, and Love for Photography (FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY)

    1. Thank you. I have realized I took more than 30 shots of just one subject in the same angle, because I’m not really not satisfied of the outcome. There are details of the photo that is blurred out, so I had to do it over and over again. That’s when I figured out I really had to be patient, especially on Macro Photography.

      1. Great! How do you set your shutter speed? What I only know about shooting moving subjects is that you fire2 before it gets to the middle of your viewfinder/live view. Because it takes quite a moment for a shot to load. So, that is the timing. My porfessor says practicing timing is also practicing patience.

      2. Actually you learn to use both eyes. One through the lens, the other leading to the target. In my case a jump. I watch for the horse’s front legs. The instant they lift off the ground I click my first frame. The second will be perfect position. But sometimes the third frame is interesting. It takes practice but once you get your timing down, I can usually get in 3 frames. I work with Nikon cameras. They have the fastest shutter speed. If you want to see some of the horse shots you can visit my site,
        let me know what you think. Again my work is pretty rough compared to yours. It’s not portraiture, it’s for publications. 🙂

      3. Oh, awesome! Some people use sequence of shots. They choose the best shot of that particular moving object, then remove the others. So you’re a photojournalist? Awesome! I’d love to see your work!

      4. I just look at your blog and your shots are awesome. You know when to fire a shot. Great timing. Cats? I love animals…i love cats…especially the fat ones 😉 they’re adorable beyond lack of submissiveness.

      5. Oh that table top thing I did on the “gourmet brunch”? That’s so easy. I bet yours is more technical than mine is. Yeah, fat cats. Dont you find them adorable? Especially the ones belonged to the exotic breed? Aww.

      6. Oh, wow. I’ve never seen a guy who loves and adopts cats as much as you do. Awesome! That table top thing, I tilted down the camera (did I used a tripod? Yes.) and rotated the plate to its best angle. Then, I’d set light on the top. I took more than 200 photos of that subject after I finally got satisfied. Light can either make or break your shot most of the time. No matter how good your plating is, if you suck at lighting. It’ll ruin the whole thing 😦

      7. I have just found out we differ in such things as this one. I think you prefer taking photos outdoors, I, on the other hand prefer to do it indoors. Great! Let me know. I’d like to see your new shots. Thank you!

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