The Only Thing That Isn’t Considered as Cheating: Love for Food, and Love for Photography (FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY)

Among all kinds of photography, food photography is my favorite. Aside of testing, and writing reviews about cosmetics, cooking, plating, and taking photos of food are also the ones I love doing when I’m not busy working on my school requirements. I love photography as much as I love cooking and eating. My favorite food subjects are mostly cakes, pastries, and pastas because they’re colorful and a lot easier take photos of.

I proudly present some of my best shots, and I hope you guys will find it appetizing. Thanks to my cousin, Joy for helping me do the plating, and the lighting of my subjects. I hope there are more foods in the fridge, so there’ll be more samples.

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(A Not So) MACRO Photography Kind of Activity

I hope you guys won’t find my title negative, pathetic or distressing for a photography student like I am who is (obviously) not satisfied of what she had with her work. I was one of those students in our class who didn’t purchase a reverse ring for certain reasons (don’t ask why).

Now, beyond the fact I didn’t get a chance to use the reverse ring, a friend of mine suggested an apparatus that somehow would help magnify my subject for about 10% – 15%. Can you guess? Yep. It’s the magnifying glass. My 18-55mm lens works for medium to close up shots, but it blurs when you take it closer on the subject. Amazingly, when I put the magnifying glass on the lens, it helps double the focus and metering of my shot, helping me accomplish my macro photography activity less hassle.

I present here one of my best shots per category; 1 outdoor, 1 indoor, and 1 random object. Each are slightly retouched using the Adobe Photoshop CS3 (I should have used the Adobe Photoshop CS5, but its bug won’t make me save the image).

The Gumamela Bud
                                                                             The Gumamela Bud

Here’s for my Outdoor Category, the Gumamela Bud. I’d set the metering to “spot”, ISO 100, and white balance in outdoor mode.

Caffeinated Dreams
                                                                                Caffeinated Dreams

This one’s for the Indoor Category. Actually, I can’t think of any more good indoor stuff to set as my subject. So, here I ended up pouring a spoonful of coffee granules on the glass table. If you click the photo, it’ll direct you on my official Flickr account, and you’ll see the original (unedited, yes!) photo. Maybe you’ll observe how I “photoshop”, too.

The Mermiads' Remains
                                                                            The Mermiads’ Remains

Lastly, here’s for the Random Object Category. There are no lice or any trace of dandruff on there, so it’s safe to use. Wait, what?

Something to ponder on…

On this activity, I have learned that doing Macro Photography takes a lot of patience, and timing (if you have a moving/living subject). It might look easy at first, but when you start doing it, especially when you experience using the reverse ring, I bet you’ll change your mind later. Just like any kind of photography, it’s fun, and every shot you fire leads you to a whole new learning and experience.