Lakwatsera: The city streets of Biñan, Laguna (STREET PHOTOGRAPHY)

“Anything that happens in the street.”

Well, everything happens, and anything can happen in the street. People, buildings, infrastructures, and stores – they’re everywhere!

There are plenty of things and people I would have took photos of, but I, personally did this “Street Photography” thing in a not-so-common way.

Instead of taking photos of people, and street foods (which I almost did), I decided to take photos of things that would mean something to my viewers instead. – a photo that has a message. What those are? Be my guest.

As part of our Basic Photography course/subject, I took 3 photos that convey message in which, I think would remind ourselves about something very important.


If that NO PARKING sign board could talk, he might have slapped the man who parked his car right behind it. **I concealed the plate number to secure the owner’s identity. The other car, which plate number I didn’t concealed was happened to drive past just when I captured the photo. The message I want to convey on this 3rd best shot is, it’s not always the indigent, uncivilized, and/or uneducated people are the ones who disobey the laws. Well, the further I discuss it, the more I’m close to detail my judgement. So, the rest is yours to tell.


My second best photo is this: The happy street children outside McDonald’s Olivarez. I found this photo meaningful, because it reminded me that not all wealthy children are happy, and the less-fortunate ones unhappy. Before I took this photo, I watched them playing together without anything on their hands but dirt. They didn’t wear durable slippers, and they looked like they’re used in skipping meals almost everyday. As I looked at them, I saw contentment, and felt their pure child-like bliss. They didn’t see and care how unfair the world was to them, because being a kid who’s able to play, grow, and be happy beyond the challenges in life is all that matters.


I consider this photo as my best shot. Everyday, people walk in this footbridge just to get to the other side of the street safely — ignoring the stench that makes them sick. I wonder why some people have the nerve to go up here and pee like a dog. Sometimes, civilized people can do worse than the uncivilized ones. I won’t ask why if some of them choose to violate the “No Jaywalking”  sign board below instead; if this footbridge’s made for safety, was it really safe at all?


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