BOKEH Overnight with my Minions

Before, I thought Bokeh could be done easily by just setting your ISO to 100, and literally isolating your subject from the background to establish the dreamy, soft lights. Now that I’m currently studying Basic Photography as part of my AB Comm Program, my expectations has completely changed. 


It’s not always the ISO, or how a person manually adjusts the zoom. The best way to establish the Bokeh, is to set the aperture, the ISO, and the f-stop depending on the lens you are using. Preferably, prime lenses are guaranteed to give you that sexy circles you wanted to achieve.


**This is a non-professional work. So I hope you guys won’t expect too much on the results. However, I’m proud with what I did, and each results appeased me to the extent I eventually learned how to value patience, because Bokeh, especially with those shapes, is not as easy as what you think it is.


So, here are my samples…


Regular Bokeh

This shot reminds me of the city lights in Tagaytay. There are some places there that resembles to Manila; it never sleeps.


Bokeh with my minions. You’re not the only one who has minions, Gru! HA!!!

If humans were raised to party, them minions were born to KAMPAY!!!


Regular Bokeh with Mions 2

So, the previous photo was my best shot, but still l would like y’all to see this because I thought they looked very cute in here. It’s as if they’ve planned something evil…and funny.


Bokeh with shape

Above all the shapes I could have used for my shaped bokeh shot, I chose the diamond-shaped one, because I thought it’s easier to do, and I liked my bokeh to look like a stained glass. Did I nail it?


Shaped Bokeh with my Minions

“This one’s for the hearts”. I chose to cut out another shape, which is (obviously) the heart, so I could create romantic and dreamy aura to the background. Now, I felt like a cupid in here; I made this two minions fall for each other. Would their Banana Potato song change into a more mushy-toned one?




Thank you, guys for spending your time to read my blogs. I hope you find my works okay, and my minions cute. I’ll post more of ’em soon 😉


Lakwatsera: The city streets of Biñan, Laguna (STREET PHOTOGRAPHY)

“Anything that happens in the street.”

Well, everything happens, and anything can happen in the street. People, buildings, infrastructures, and stores – they’re everywhere!

There are plenty of things and people I would have took photos of, but I, personally did this “Street Photography” thing in a not-so-common way.

Instead of taking photos of people, and street foods (which I almost did), I decided to take photos of things that would mean something to my viewers instead. – a photo that has a message. What those are? Be my guest.

As part of our Basic Photography course/subject, I took 3 photos that convey message in which, I think would remind ourselves about something very important.


If that NO PARKING sign board could talk, he might have slapped the man who parked his car right behind it. **I concealed the plate number to secure the owner’s identity. The other car, which plate number I didn’t concealed was happened to drive past just when I captured the photo. The message I want to convey on this 3rd best shot is, it’s not always the indigent, uncivilized, and/or uneducated people are the ones who disobey the laws. Well, the further I discuss it, the more I’m close to detail my judgement. So, the rest is yours to tell.


My second best photo is this: The happy street children outside McDonald’s Olivarez. I found this photo meaningful, because it reminded me that not all wealthy children are happy, and the less-fortunate ones unhappy. Before I took this photo, I watched them playing together without anything on their hands but dirt. They didn’t wear durable slippers, and they looked like they’re used in skipping meals almost everyday. As I looked at them, I saw contentment, and felt their pure child-like bliss. They didn’t see and care how unfair the world was to them, because being a kid who’s able to play, grow, and be happy beyond the challenges in life is all that matters.


I consider this photo as my best shot. Everyday, people walk in this footbridge just to get to the other side of the street safely — ignoring the stench that makes them sick. I wonder why some people have the nerve to go up here and pee like a dog. Sometimes, civilized people can do worse than the uncivilized ones. I won’t ask why if some of them choose to violate the “No Jaywalking”  sign board below instead; if this footbridge’s made for safety, was it really safe at all?